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Extra Life

Caffeine Capsules

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Let's face it... Everyone has a different caffeine tolerance. Some like a lot, some prefer a little. 

Do you want a stronger Pre-Workout? Or maybe you're just looking for a small pick me up and not the full pre-workout effect. Tired of taking multiple servings, drinking massive amounts of coffee, or combining stimulants? In a rush and don't want to carry around liquid?

Here's an Extra Life! 

This product gives you a much more efficient way of increasing or even replacing the stimulants you consume! They can be used IN COMBINATION with the 'Power' Pre-workout to give it just that little extra kick! Or completely replace all those OTHER energy drinks you chug throughout the day.


Each packet has:

25 hand-filled and uniquely formulated capsules. This is perfect for multiple reasons-

  • You can easily¬†increase the stimulants in your 'Power' Pre-workout.
  • Perfect for on-the-go! Just toss the¬†packet or one capsule in your gym bag.
  • There's no need to lug around¬†energy drinks or buy coffee!
  • Every capsule¬†is perfectly measured and the packet is re-sealable. So, there's no chance of it being under or over dosed as you will consume the exact, correct amount every single time.
  • The¬†packet itself can easily be recycled or disposed of¬†so it doesn't take up space in your kitchen or gym bag!


Each serving has:

With 100mg of Caffeine and Theobromine per capsule, you get a fast acting and longer lasting version of a single cup of coffee.

And with the additional 140mg of Theanine, you avoid all sharp peaks and crashes, as well as any associated anxiety! This ratio is the exact same as the 'Power' Pre-workout, just not as intense!

Continue reading below for a FULL DESCRIPTION of every single ingredient that was hand-picked, personally tested, and accurately measured for this product! We don't hide our amounts nor our ingredients. Everything serves a purpose, and you deserve to know what you're consuming!



100mg Caffeine: 

Stimulant and Nootropic. May help cognitive function, muscle gain, alertness, vigilance, arousal, and reduce fatigue. Can improve athletic performance, mood, endurance, and muscular strength. Possible fat loss and diuretic. Helps with the immediate boost of energy!


100mg Theobromine:

Vasodilator and bronchodilator. May help increase energy, protect the heart, and improve cognitive function, mood, and respiratory system. Can reduce inflammation, enhance focus, concentration, and lung uptake. Possible fat loss and diuretic. Is long lasting and non-addictive. Helps to maintain long term energy!


140mg L-Theanine:

Amino acid and nootropic. May reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition and attention, regulate nitric oxide, and boost mood and cognitive performance in a synergistic manner with caffeine. Can promote relaxation without drowsiness. Helps to counter act anxiety, jitters, or nervousness!