The Game

What if you could progress in the gym, and Level Up just like a Video Game?
Welcome to... the Gamified Workout Tracker!

This Exercise Science related approach uses a point system based entirely on YOUR progress to make accomplishing your goals both fun and rewarding.

All you have to do is track your workouts within the app to receive Xercise Points!


  • Break Personal Records based on your workout data: Such as your Heart Rate, Total Sets, Weight Lifted, and Duration!
  • Compete against your friends in a turn based, PVP style workout session! Or squad up to tackle large, Co-Op goals!
  • Develop your own workout routine or select one from the Tutorial!
  • Gain a BUFF with your workout streaks, warm-ups , cool-downs, and muscular progression!
  • Prevent a NERF with your Checkpoints based on actual physical measurements, pictures, and exercise testing!
  • Participate in Weekly & Monthly community based challenges to help boost your Player Level!
  • Reach the top of the leaderboards in your area and become known as the Gym Leader!
  • Take on a Boss Battle and compete against a Fitness Industry Professional!

THE BEST PART IS... you can spend your Xercise Points on actual awards such as Dietary Supplements, discounts, gift cards, coaching, clothing, and MORE!


The Game is currently in Beta Testing!