Hey You, You're Finally Awake

You know how at the beginning of Skyrim... there's that guy on the wagon? Every RPG begins with your character slowly being introduced into the story. Whether you're Dragonborn or not, without that guidance you may never realize your true potential. But the question is, will you be ready when that opportunity appears?


Welcome to the Become Player 1's Coaching Adventure!

Honestly... I used to live as an NPC. I followed the status quo, and the most excitement in my life came from the stereotypical side quests. That was when I discovered the power of exercise! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the most fun thing to do at first. But sometimes you have to battle those dark monsters within the caves in order to create true progress. It is those small moments of triumph over personal difficulties that give purpose to the adventure!

With this entirely unique exercise program, calories & macronutrient guidance, habit formation, and goal setting accountability... You begin to create your OWN STORY and finally become that version of yourself you've always wanted to be.


  • An Individually Customized Fitness Plan! Every exercise includes a brief description, video tutorial, and a rest timer so you know exactly how, why, and what to do! Just follow the advised sets / reps and record whatever weight you performed the exercise with. You are in control and have plenty of options to customize your own experience.
  • With My Fitness Pal integration, you can connect your workouts with your meals, macros, calories, and your very own food log. No more being told what foods you have to eat!
  • Need a companion to join you in battle? You can easily speak with me, your coach. And with the daily habit feature, we can set small, incremental goals in any area of personal improvement to help you create those powerful results!
  • Need more realism? Sync with your Fitbit or Apple Watch to precisely track your body weight, steps, heart rate, calories burned, and the workout duration! Talk about character customization.

Now is the time to become the best version of yourself. Now is the time to… Become Player 1!






Look Below at the Become Player 1 Fitness App! (This is not "The Game" and only those in the Adventure Program are able to use this app)

Become Player 1 - Apps on Google Play